Ayurvedic Facial

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  • Our 1.5 hour Ayurvedic Facial treatments are completely customized to your individual needs. Our Ayurvedic Facial treatments combines ancient wisdom with modern science to help you maintain beautiful, healthy skin, while optimizing your overall wellness. Because your skin is a key indicator of your overall health, each session begins with an assessment of your energy levels, vitality and general well-being. Based on our guided assessment, we then target the specific skin concerns you may have and we provide a personalized Ayurvedic Facial.

  • All Ayurvedic Facial treatments combine ancient techniques such as marma therapy (ayurvedic energetic work) with modern practices such LED therapy to nourish your skin, stimulate collagen and restore radiance. Each Ayurvedic Facial treatment session is completely tailored to address the specific needs of your skin, your body and your wellbeing. Depending on our assessment, your treatment may include Garshana, which involves ayurvedic lymphatic drainage with silk gloves, or sonic facial rejuvenation with crystal tuning forks. All of the products we use in every Ayurvedic Facial treatment are 100% certified organic, and include ancient herbal preparations.

  • To promote continued vitality post-treatment, each Ayurvedic Facial session sends you home with a personalized at-home skin care plan that includes morning and evening protocols utilizing holistic, time-tested and effective remedies and rituals. All of the products we recommend are of the purest quality and all are sustainably sourced.

Healthy, beautiful skin comes from within

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