Cancer free


I have not been posting online about my cancer experience much up to this point. Though, if you’ve met me in person, you’ve been on Team Leah, I know! I want to acknowledge how every step of the way I was so people I know and many I don’t even know personally.

People organized prayer circles, offered to walk my dogs though thankfully I was able to keep enjoying that myself, and offered me healing energy. People sent me funny dog pictures to cheer me on! My studios, trainees, and teaching partners supported me, saving me a parking space, accommodating my schedule, and sometimes even carrying my things so that I could still be in community and teach while preserving my energy so that I could heal.

All this generosity and support was unconditional, and that means so much to me. This is what allowed me space so that I could turn my attention inside and focus on my healing.

Treatment did not devastate my immune system, and as of now I have no lingering side effects. I am aware that there MAY be side effects—even years in the future—but being able to accept treatment has given me more time to be in this body, this vehicle for this lifetime. I have been blessed in that healing process thanks to my support system. Once a day, I make time for 30 minutes to let my body receive and soak up all that everyone sends to me.

Thank you.