Integrative Care

 photo by Sullivan & Sullivan photography

photo by Sullivan & Sullivan photography

Cancer care has come a long way, even in the past five years. Now, with integrative care, people can increase their resilience while going through conventional treatment and its side effects. Your immune system does not necessarily have to be completely decimated after allopathic treatment.

Integrative care—acupuncture, yoga, naturopathy, meditation, psychotherapy, cranio-sacral—it offers support. There is abundant peer-reviewed data on this, including from places like Fred Hutch and Bastyr, with evidence as to how these tools can be incredibly supportive for the immune system.

Amidst the many battling views of cancer care, our healthcare system, and approaches to treatment—integrative care, in my opinion is a very necessary bridge. The truth remains that there are many different cancers and different individuals weather each cancer differently.

Integrative medicine can become that necessary support system, working in the space between natural alternatives and sometimes necessary conventional western techniques.

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