About Leah

Leah, a certified Yoga Instructor and Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor describes yoga as a "natural and essential component" of her humanity, a practice that is “beautiful and effective because it taps us into our parasympathetic nervous systems and allows us to rest, reset, heal and digest to feel calm and nourished.”

Leah teaches weekly classes to health care providers at Washington’s top Cancer Care Hospital, has served as a faculty member for a CME (continuing medical education) course of Seattle’s Virginia Mason Hospital, and has also lead mindful yin classes at the University of Washington Mindfulness Project. In her classes she encourages students to find connection to their inner wisdom, healing, creativity and joy. She believes that every choice, every day, in every way, can add restored vitality and mind-body balance into our lives. Leah has spent fifteen years working in fashion, advertising and yoga retail as a stylist, buyer, sales representative & model for companies including Volkswagen, Evian, Crest, Chanel, Semperviva Yoga, Pyrrha, hauteyoga and A Peace Treaty. As a stylist Leah spent years lugging around heavy items. After one too many an instance of carrying dozens of boxes of shoes all at once, she began yearning to be kinder and gentler with herself. As Leah started to explore the relationship between yoga and her other creative passions, yoga resonated with her and became a practice she began to cherish deeply and implement into her lifestyle with devotion.

Leah is a passionate student of Ayurveda and is a certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor and has completed a NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association) approved course of study. She incorporates this as well as Meditation, Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory, Western Science, and Nature into her teaching, bringing her love of yoga and her ever-growing knowledge of it to share with others.

Leah, has had a dedicated yoga practice since 2010 and has been a registered teacher since 2013. She has taken Yoga, Ayurveda and Bodywork training courses with Master Teachers including Yin Yoga teacher trainings with Bernie Clark and in residence Yin/Insight Yoga training with Sarah Powers. Through her study and practice of yoga and Ayurveda, across three continents she’s learned that living in alignment with nature is the ultimate form of self-care

Training and Education


Dr Claudia Welch, Ayurvedic Mentorship Program (2016)

Brian Utting, Understanding the Autonomic Nervous System, Seattle WA (9 hours, 2016)

Ayurvedic Skincare, Kerala India (2015)

Dr Aparna, Sanskrit/Ayurveda/Cultural Studies Mentorship (2015- present)

Holistic Nutrition Lab, Andrea Nakayama Full Body Systems, Online  (2015-2017)

Stephen Brown, East Asian Meridian Energetics Mentorship, Seattle (2014-present)

San Diego College of Ayurveda, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Online/San Diego (650 hours, 2014-2015)

Brian Utting, Deep Tissue of the Arms and Hands, Seattle WA  (4.5 hours, 2014)

Brian Utting, Deep Tissue of the Chest, Diaphragm and Supine Spine, Seattle WA (9 hours, 2014)

Brian Utting, Understanding the Autonomic Nervous System, Seattle WA (7 hours, 2013)

Brian Utting, Understanding the Somatic Nervous System, Seattle WA (7 hours, 2013)


Tias and Surya Little, Prajna Yoga, Art of Hands on Adjustments, Santa Fe, (2017)

Tias and Surya Little, Prajna Yoga, SATYA Training, Santa Fe, (2017)

Djuana, Prajna Yoga From the Ground Up, Orcas Island (35 hours Oct 2016)

Surya Little, Mentorship (2016- present)

Mangala Shri Bhuti, Awakening the Mind, Softening the Heart (2016 -2017)

Jo Phee, Yin Yoga and Meridian Intensive, Copenhagen (50 hours, 2016)

Tias and Surya Little, Prajna Yoga, Art of Teaching, Santa Fe, (50 hours, 2016)

Sarah Powers, The Nature of Happiness, Silent Retreat, Claverack NY (2016)

Richelle Richard, Yoga for Athletes, Seattle WA (25 hours, 2016)

Bernie Clark, Yin Yoga Certification, Vancouver BC (50 hours, 2015)

UC Greater Good Science Center, Online Mindfulness Training (7 weeks 2015)

Sarah Powers, Yoga Yin and Mindfulness Training, Claverack NY (100 hours, 2014)

Carly Forest/Insight Yoga, Insight Yoga Mentorship Program (2014)

Sarah Powers, Yin Mindfulness Training, Thailand (100 hours, 2013)

Bernie Clark Yin Yoga Teacher Training,  Vancouver BC (35 hours, 2012)

Gurmurk Kundalini Intensive, Vancouver BC (5 hours, 2011)

Gurmurk Winter Solstice Practice and Talk, Los Angeles CA  (2 hours, 2011)

Seane Corn, The Art of Vinyasa Flow, Vancouver BC (10 hours, 2011)

Janet Stone, Yoga of Conscious Relationships, Vancouver BC (4 hours, 2011)

Max Strom, Spiraling Inward, Vancouver BC  (2 hours, 2011)

Dham Kaur, Activate your Awareness, Vancouver BC (8 hours, 2011)

Michael Stone, Yoga for a World Out of Balance, Vancouver BC (9 hours, 2011)

Semperviva Yoga, Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program, Vancouver BC  (200 hours, 2011)