“When you learn, teach, when you get, give.” - Maya Angelou

Mentorship sessions are an opportunity for support, guidance, and growth. Each mentorship relationship is customized depending on where each student is at in their personal practice or teaching.

Mentorship has been fundamental in my development of my own practice and as a teacher, and I continue to work monthly with my mentors. Each mentor is a source of growth, inspiration and guidance, offering different and vital supports.

This is the tradition of a mentor. Wisdom teachings have been passed down teacher to student throughout history. It is inevitable that when we get to a certain point in our practice we will need that step of guidance and support to grow. Mentorship can be traced back to examples like the female Wu Shamans of China, where the lineage of Medical Qi Gong was passed down mother to daughter, sister to friend, again and again.

We evolved in community, in the spirit of generosity, curiosity and giving. We do not have to do it alone. It is my privilege to share the knowledge and insight that I have received.

Mentorship sessions can deliver:

  • Develop new language for your teaching

  • Incorporate new personal practices to support you in embodying yin yoga

  • Gain a support system for continued learning

  • Deepen your understanding of physical, mental, and energetic benefits of yin yoga

  • Foster your self care with practices from Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga

  • Get inspiration for workshop and class themes

  • Further you on your path as a professional yoga teacher

  • Receive guidance, the type of which you can only get and give based on experience

  • Learn how or develop your teaching of private Yin Yoga

Mentorship sessions consist of three, one-hour sessions, scheduled for your personally. I do require that students sign up for a package of three. This is because I believe we will grow best with consistent time together, working toward a common goal. We start by setting an intention for the three classes.

By the end, students walk away with something tangible—a map to guide your future growth.

Three 60 minute sessions for $324.00 ($108.00 per session)

Email Leah to apply for your personal Mentorship: byleahadams@gmail.com