Private Sessions



Private classes are tailored to each person, around the approach and postures that create the most balance and happiness. Gain a deeper connection to your breath and body, through a practice designed to support your own unique needs. If you want to develop your practice, we can work on a specific physical area or a specific energetic feeling. Or if you’re new to yoga, we can start to build a solid foundation for your practice. Individual classes are available in yin and yin-yang. 


1 hour, Seattle: $110
1 hour, Seattle surrounding areas: $135

*Rates apply for 1-3 students per class at your home or work location. Additional fees apply for studio rental. Please contact us for small group rates (up to 8 students.)



"Leah is one of those people whom you only have to meet once to know there is something special about her...

She came into my life when a recent diagnosis of Familial Adenomatous Polyposis brought the harsh reality of precancer, cancer, and multiple surgeries, knocking the earth right out from under my feet.  Leah has helped me in a way that I still do not fully understand; she helps me feel grounded and brings me a sense of clarity.  On the days when I feel I have lost myself, Leah is always able to amaze me with her incredible knowledge and share quotes and tools to help bring my feet back to the earth.  As my mother said to me one day “I don’t know how Leah does it, but she centers you.”  If Leah crosses your path when you need her you will be amazed at how quickly her gracious, kind, understanding, and gentle way of working makes you wonder how you ever lived without her gentle touch in your life.  My heart is filled with immense gratitude for Leah and how she has helped and inspired me”. - Catherine Sewell

"Leah is a luminous force...

She is responsible for me reconnecting to yoga in a big way and through her teaching, I've been able to deepen my practice adding in yin and mantra. She's helped get me out of my head and into my body. She is an incredible teacher and her recipes are delicious and fulfilling." - Nolan Funk (Actor)

"Leah helped me find the strength and courage of healing my inner and outer self...

Going through cancer treatment is overwhelming, emotional and frightening.  I also had two young children a husband and lived 3 hours away from where I was being treated in Seattle.  Even though I had a huge support system of family, friends and doctors, the gentle poses and words of loving kindness still stays with me.  Even when I thought there was nothing my body could do, Leah would show me that I was alway capable of something.  I have learned and continue to learn so much from Leah.  She is one of my greatest gifts!"  - Stephanie  Maiers 

“I have been drawn to yin yoga for its physical and mindful benefits...

Leah brings a natural warmth and grace to her classes that builds such community.  She has been such an inspiration with her passion for yin yoga that I have followed in her footsteps to teach others.” - Cristina Covert (MD and Yoga Teacher)